Music video for Pop/Rock artist DAVE STEPHENS, from his album HERE WE GO.


Director: Mike Jackson | Producer: Robin Chan / Like Minded Media | DOP: Dylan Akio Smith | Cast: Samuel Dulmage, Anna Cummer, Laura Jaszcz


LIVIN' IN A DREAM by Dave Stephens Music Video | 5:08 | 2004

Music video for the first single by FIDGITAL, from their debut album SPYGLASS.


Director: Mike Jackson | DOP: Samuel Dulmage | Cast: Jamie Mayo, Keith Gillard, Andre Fex

SOCIAL DISEASE by Fidgital Music Video | 3:55 | 2000

The Vault

Early works from Steam Powered Films - Student films, 48-Hour films, and other pieces made as we learned our craft. The DV format hasn't aged well, but all of these films have their charms...


Each of these films was made for a 48-Hour film competition, and was written, shot and edited over a single weekend. The results are a little rough around the edges, but it was always a fun filmmaking challenge.

A pregnant woman fleeing her violent ex-husband is assailed by dark forces from within and without in this sequel to "The Veil". An entry in the 2007 Bloodshots Canada 48-hour horror film competition.


Director: Mike Jackson | Writers: Samuel Dulmage & Mike Jackson | Cine: Samuel Dulmage, Michael Sider | Music: Jeff Tymoschuk | Cast: Samuel Dulmage, Leanne Jijian Hume, Mickey Brazeau, Corina Akeson, Duncan Shields

THE VESSEL Horror Short | 8:00 | 2007

During the Great Depression, resourceful young heroine Eleanor is stealing apples just to survive. An offer of a meal at a boarding house leads Eleanor to find out just how desperate some people are. An entry in the 2004 REEL FAST 48-hour film competition and  unofficial Selection of the 9th Annual Sea to Sky Film Festival..


Director: Palle Hoffstein | Writers: Palle Hoffstein & Jean-Denis Rouette

Producers: Erin McGechaen, Phil Mahoney | DOP: Rick Etkin

Editior: Jean-Denis Rouette | Music: Phil Mahoney

Cast: Deborah Merrick, Mark Pawson, Mickey Brazeau, Peter J. Nadler, Erin McGechaen, Phil Mahoney


Eleanor Heaven starring in FAST FOOD Silent | 9:00 | 2004

Mermaids, both real and imagined, haunt a woman who is dry, dusty, and at the end of her rope. Only her husband, who is always absolutely soaking wet, comes close to understanding her in this haunting and quirky tale of regret and disillusionment. An entry in the 2004 REEL FAST 48-hour film competition.


Director: Mike Jackson | Writer: Peter New | DOP: Robin Chan | Music: Chris Gestrin | Cast: Laura Jaszcz, Peter New, Anna Cummer, Katie Cummer

TIDEPOOL Fantasy | 10:00 | 2004

In a world where singing is outlawed, a forbidden romance blooms between a policeman and a golden-voiced waitress. An entry in the 2002 REEL FAST 48-hour film competition, Frequency Zero was written, shot, and edited in 48 hours including original lyrics and music. As seen on CBC's Zed!


WINNER: REEL FAST 48-Hour Film-making competition, People's Choice Award and Best Ensemble.


Director: Mike Jackson | Writers: Samuel Dulmage & Peter New | DOP: Jason Weir | Cast: Anna Cummer, Peter New, Samuel Dulmage, Laura Jaszcz | Music composed by Phil Mahoney, Lyrics by Samuel Dulmage and Peter New, Music produced and engineered by Keith Gillard.

FREQUENCY ZERO Musical | 9:23 | 2002

Can a tribal death ritual save two sisters from hereditary insanity? An entry in the 2003 REEL FAST 48-hour film competition


Director: Sam Dulmage | Writers: Rick Dobran & Samuel Dulmage | DOP: Rick Etkin | Editor: Jean-Denis Rouette | Music: Phil Mahoney | Cast: Mickey Brazeau, Samuel Dulmage, Samantha Coughlan, Rick Dobran, Deborah Merrick

ALL HER MADNESS Drama | 9:15 | 2003

Sebastian Snail has returned from his African holiday with a spectacular rake - but is it cursed? The office is quickly plunged into panic and fear as his puppet co-workers begin to vanish... and only Sebastian can unravel the mystery! A Top Ten selection in the 2003 REEL FAST 48-hour film competition.


Director: Mike Jackson | Writer: Palle Hoffstein | DOP: Jason Weir | Cast: Laura Jaszcz, Dan Paterson, Anthony F. Ingram, Toren Atkinson, Katharine Carol, Andrea Zimmer

THE SOUVENIR Comedy | 10:20 | 2003

Murder. Mind control. Masochism. And a stolen fish worth two hundred grand. An entry in the 2001 REEL FAST 48-hour film competition. Honorable Mentions: Best Ensemble, Best Actor - Peter New.


Director: Mike Jackson | Writers: Samuel Dulmage & Peter New | DOP: Samuel Dulmage | Music: Phil Mahoney | Cast: Michael Coleman, Samuel Dulmage, Jennifer Rowan Hill, Peter New, Jennifer Robertson

A FISHFULL OF DOLLARS Comedy | 10:16 | 2001

FBI agents, space aliens, and a deranged maniac make it hard to collect the rent.


Director: Mike Jackson | Writers: Samuel Dulmage & Peter New | Music: Phil Mahoney | Cast:  Peter New, Pippa Platt, Samuel Dulmage, Jason Bryden, Deborah Merrick

BAD ROOMMATE Comedy | 19:53 | 2000

Two young gentlemen enter a dubious altercation over a fine cup of java.


Director: Samuel Dulmage | Writers: Samuel Dulmage | DOP: Mike Jackson

Cast: Jonathan Cherry, Steve DaCruz

DUDE Comedy | 5:36 | 2000


Steam Powered Films is the production company of director Mike Jackson. It was founded in 1999 with the help of  Sam Dulmage, Peter New and Palle Hoffstein, as a home for their creative works. SPF also provides post-production services including editing, colour correction and visual effects.


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