Mike Jackson has been doing compositing and visual effects work for well over a decade, with large numbers of the projects he's directed or cut including extensive VFX sequences. He was nominated for a LEO for his visual effects work on The Bar , did VFX for both seasons of DisneyXD's Mech-X4, and is currently working on the upcoming Disney series Fast Layne.


Some of his earliest VFX work was on the TV shows Jake 2.0 and Dead Zone. Other notable VFX sequences have appeared in Dead Rising: Watchtower, Electrawoman & Dynagirl, the sci-fi short No-va and his own music video 20 Minutes of Oxygen, comedy feature The Beast of Bottomless Lake, Beyond Top Secret, Kat Fight, Cool for Chaos, and the Legend of Bonefish webseries.

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Steam Powered Films is the production company of director Mike Jackson. It was founded in 1999 with the help of  Sam Dulmage, Peter New and Palle Hoffstein, as a home for their creative works. SPF also provides post-production services including editing, colour correction and visual effects.


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